www.uta-ni.com /// United Taekwondo Association of Northern Ireland Taekwondo Korean martial arts training, competition, olympic sport.

www.uta-ni.com /// United Taekwondo Association of Northern Ireland Taekwondo Korean martial arts training, competition, olympic sport.

www.uta-ni.com /// United Taekwondo Association of Northern Ireland Taekwondo Korean martial arts training, competition, olympic sport.

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4.February 2011 || BTCB National Poomsae Championships

The weekend of the 4th February 2011 saw the BTCB National Poomsae Championships, a popular annual event attended by players from all over the UK. This year, 11 UTANI competitors from various clubs flew over to Sheffield to participate in what proved to be an exciting and worthwhile competition. Master Glen Culbert, Peter Stewart, Damian Duffy, Peter McConville and Laura Burns took part in the A class Dan grade event on the Saturday. Congratulations go to Glen, Peter and Damian who took silver in the team event.

It was the turn of the six Kup grades on Sunday, who came away with an impressive 7 medals. Jenny Robinson and Kyle Darlington each gained bronze medals in their respective individual categories. Jenny joined Liam Scott in the pairs event to win a further bronze for team NI. Liam had more success in the individuals, gaining a silver medal. Kyle Darlington, Stephen Weller and Steven McCreery won a well deserved gold in the team event.
A special mention goes to Kyra Bothwell, from Lisburn Taekwondo Club who was named double national champion after taking gold in both her individual category and with Kyle Darlington in the pairs event.

29.October 2010 || Zara Phythian Seminar

On the 29th October Lisburn Taekwondo Club was host to the Zara Phythian Seminar. It was attended by several Northern Ireland Taekwondo Clubs from both ITF and WTF.
First part of the day was for the Kids with Zara's own CDK 4 Kidz (Character Development Karate) programme. A unique, award winning Martial Arts positive reinforcement training programme. Combining Age Specific curriculum and Character Development & Leadership training for Children.

Next up was a fantastic demostration 'The Battle' by Trey Drysdale and Raven Wright.

The Adult seminar was next. Starting off with a great warm up, moving onto leg strengthening exercises and finally self defense moves. It was a tough session but enjoyed by all, leaving everyone feeling very sore and tired afterwards but can guarantee they will be back for more if Miss Zara returns next year.
The day ended with a Action Performance session, where both Kids and Adults got to show off their Martial art acting skills, and got to have some fun on the Airbed trying to do somersaults.
A great day enjoyed by all and we hope to see Miss Zara back next year.

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Kyorugi & Poomsae

2.October.2010 || 2nd Scottish Poomsae Championships
Well done to those competing in Scotland over the weekend.

Female Team
Stephanie Grant, Laura Burns Kyra Bothwell

Male Senior 2nd Team
Glen Culbert, Peter Stewart, Adrian Williams

1st Male Masters
Damian Duffy

2nd Senior Male
Glen Culbert

Male Senior Kup
Sam Reddick

Gradings & Seminars

3.October.2010 || UTA Dan Grading Scotland

Congratulations to the Successful UTA NI members, who traveled to Scotland for the UTA Black Belt Grading. The promotions test was Conducted by Master TW Shin 8th Dan & Master David Bailey 7th Dan

Successful applicants:

Stephanie Grant and Laura Burns 1st Kup promoted to 1st Dan
- Lisburn Taekwondo Club

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For more, see the [ kyorugi ] section.

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